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100% Original EMY Data Cable MY-442 (2 in 1)
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Times Charging Equipment        

From the Details of the lines smooth, to the choice of the color, every detail just to make it to be better products, better experience for you.

Features 1

Tinned Copper Wire Charging Speed Increase 50 %

Copper core, better quality, faster charging!

Features 2

Contact Type Welding 10000 Test

Contact welding, oxidation resistance is not rusty, long life. 10000 plug

Fast Charge

Features 3

Links on the computer, data transmission and charging can be carried out at the same time to improve efficiency, save time. 2.0A fast charge

Features 4

Toughness Good Tensile Pull

TPE material, 3 times more durable that ordinary materials, better flexibility, 48 hour salt fog Environment does not rust!.

Features 5

Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Interface

The interface is made of alloy material by heat treatment, CNC , grinding, Polishing, sand blasting and other technology to build, long and durable, with no fade.

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